Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WarThunder - short Q&A with devs no.2


Q: Will it be possible to choose game mode between "Domination" and "Ground Strike" in upcoming patches?
A: We consider this option, yes.

Q: Where are US high-tier jet fighters?
A: One of the nearest updates will bring Grumman F9F Panther for the US tree. (as speculated in this thread)

Q: Why we can't use several aircrafts of the same model in our hangar and gaming deck?
A: This limitation is on to make the game more interesting and make players think tactically when gathering the set of aircrafts for combat.

Q: Why Japan fighters don't have bombs like other nations?
A: Every aircraft in the game is build by the historical prototype. Most of Japan fighters introduced in the War Thunder for the moment had not bombing armaments.


Q: Any chance we could get artificial horizon option to display on screen in Arcade mode?
A: Artificial horizon in Arcade is not planned. (booo)

Q: Are you going to add something like a first person turret view for bombers?
A: Probably we will, but bombers cockpits are of the higher priority now.

Q: Will there be a displayed ammo counter for the gunners?
A: Yes, we are looking for convenient ways of displaying ammo info.


Q: Is it allowed to modify the map (removing leaves from trees) to help increase FPS? My PC is slow, i don't know how to boost FPS.
A: Any modifications are not allowed and considered as cheats. Try our new Compatibility Mode (introduced in Update 1.27.25). This is a special feature for low-powered PCs and helps to increase FPS decently.

Q: Are you gonna change the premium planes mechanics? The aircrafts we buy for the real money are just variations of existing planes.
A: Premium planes won't be overpowered just because they cost real money. First of all, when you buy the premium plane - you buy an unique gaming experience, a chance to fly an aircraft that is not available for the majority of players.

Q: Will there be a feature implemented that will allow you to drop all your bombs at once, instead of having to tap the drop button for each bomb?
A: If any aircraft – presented now or planned in the Release Tree – had such ability in real life, the feauture will be transported to the game model. In War Thunder the bomb dropping mechanics matches the historical prototypes.

Q: Is anything being done to the damage model in Arcade Battle? I don't like the way planes take ridiculous amount of damage before going down.
A: No, damage model (DM) principles in the Arcade won't be changed in the nearest future. DM in Arcade Battle is equal to the DM in Historic Battles.


Q: Are there plans to create in-game clans for players to group up with their friends?
A: Yes, of course. Check our Roadmap. The clans will be introduced in one of the nearest major updates.

Q: We need manual explaining of the game mechanics, pilot skills, gunners stats etc.
A: Will be in upcoming War Thunder wiki.

Source: WT EU forums

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