Thursday, February 7, 2013

WarThunder - short Q&A with devs


Q: Have you ever thought about non-rank based balancing, but "historical" battles (e.g. Only planes put into service before 1943 at the Battle of Stalingrad or before 1941 at the Battle of Britain playable)?

A: Yes, we're thinking about it.

Q: Will you add a lineup of planes where we could mix and mach planes from separate countries?

A: No, such feature will not be introduced in War Thunder

Q: For tanks and ships, will there be single missions and dynamic campaigns?  And will there be various levels of realism for driving ships and tanks?

A: You will have the same realism levels as they represent in War Thunder now. Single missions is great idea, we'll think about it, thanks.

Q: What is your (Gaijin's) policy on teamkilling?

A: Any teamkill accident has negative concequences for the team-killer. We already have auto-kick and auto-ban features, and continiously working on teamkilling policy.

Q: What is 15 sec. bail-out time in Arcade battle? Why do I have to leave my aircraft?

A: The fearure is described here

Q: How do you plan on balancing ground targets against air and sea?

A: To make the game fun.        


Q: I make a lot of films inside of games. I'm wondering if there will be some more support for this? I want to be able to film through the grass, next to vehicles, really get down with the ground units for some great action shots, Is it possible to remove that height limit? Is it possible to get a killcam? Instead of just seeing who killed you, to see how he killed you?

A: Thanks for your questions. Yes, we understand our players' need on useful tools for moviemaking. And we have lot of smart options already. We're planning further enhances for our moviemaking tools,yes.


Q: The damage from fire in the engine - is it progressing? Can fire damage kill my aircraft?

A: Yes, when engine is on fire you recieve more and more damage as fire seizes other gear parts and systems.

Q: A flashing warning for internal fire or something saying what broke to make the game see the plane as dead.

A: We will implement more options in damage model messenger.        

Q: When will you actually fix the ram-kills? There's no way a plane can survive hitting anything at that speed, let alone another plane and survive without a scratch like it is now. Please make the rams kill both players involved.

A: Ramming damage is counting from the aircraft's DM (Damage Model). The DM is very complex and individual for every aircraft. Arcade DM is simplified of course, but the main principles of receiving and calculating of the damage remains the same.

Q: Engine model calculations: dynamic model, power model, temperature model, damage model. Could you tell us about it?

A: All models are on. Power depends on rpm, pressure, fuel, throttle position. Temperature model is on and updating by real aircrafts data on overheats. Engine damage depends on internal & external factors. Engine may be overgeared, overheated, suffer cylinder damage. We're currently implementing several new factors, such as magneto damage and other detailed damage in accordance with this or that aircraft model.


Q: How about repair cost, some planes have super-high repair cost. I have only 1k of Lions from standard win, before update, i was having over 5-7k. Maybe more Lions from battle?

A: See our Roadmap. The nearest updates will introduce new economic model in the game.    

Q: Will there be an opportunity for regular players to sign up for continuous future game testing even after the game comes out?

A: Probably.          

Q: What's the total number of planes that we can expect to see added?

A: There were about 5.000 models of war aircrafts in WWII. We're planning further expanding of our Release Tree.

Source: WT EU forums

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