Thursday, February 16, 2012

New tank crewman skills - 0.7.2 preview

Original from Goha.RU forums.
All credits for translation goes to Kruzenshtern from WoT US forums.

  • Master Gunner - if the gun is damaged, each 10% of this skill reduces the size of the aiming circle by 2%.
  • Sniper - +1% to the likelihood of causing critical damage to enemy tank modules and crew.
  • Careful Aiming [literally - Soft Turret Turning] - each 10% of this skill reduces the size of the aiming circle while turning the turret by 0.5%.
  • Carries a Grudge - any enemy tank spotted within a cone +/-8 degrees from the axis of the gun remains visible for 2 seconds longer than normal. The skill only activates when it is at 100%. There will no stacking bonuses for two gunners having this skill.
  • Forest Hunter - +1 meter to the maximum distance [text cut off] obstacles [I think this means that bushes conceal you at longer distances than normal.]

  • Camouflage ... well, you know.
  • Battle Brotherhood - +3% to skill level of all crew members. [This is the only shared skill at this point.]
  • Contactless Ammo Rack - +12.5% to ammo rack HP. Skill starts working at 100%. Two or more loaders with this skill do not stack.
  • Desperado - +10% to reload speeds when tank HP is under 10%.
  • Intuition - when changing shell types, there is a 10% probability that the gun will already be loaded with the right round. [There needs to be more explanation of this, but the tooltip isn't shown in the screen.]

  • Teacher - for each 10% of this skill, all crew members other than the commander earn +1% XP in combat.
  • Eagle Eye - each 10% increases vision distance by 0.2% if optics are undamaged or by 2% if the optics are damaged.
  • Sixth Sense - the commander can tell if the enemy has spotted his tank.
  • Expert - the commander can spot critical damage to tanks within +/-15 degrees of the axis of the gun.
  • Jack of All Trades - the commander replaces knocked-out crew members with 50% effectiveness. [Tooltip - 1 crew member gone - 50%; 2 crew members - 25%; etc.]

Key points made in the text:

  • When the new skills are introduced, all current skills will be reset (so players will be able to reallocate XP). [We knew this, but worth mentioning again.]
  • Radio operator will have a skill called "Last Gasp", transmitting enemy positions for a few seconds after the tank is killed.
  • Loader skill "Carries a Spare" (+1 shell over maximum complement) was removed. [Probably for balance reasons.]
  • Most skills are "position-specific" - gunner, loader, etc. Battle Brotherhood is the only new "common skill" (I'm guessing Repair/etc. stay as common skills too).
  • If you have the same skill on two crewmen with the same job (two loaders, two radio operators, etc.), typically there is no stacking - the game takes the maximum skill level between the two.


  1. Really, really interesting - so it is 100% sure that we get refunded all experience spent in crew skills (at some time in the past I've heard rumors that we only get the experience refunded for free if we already have all three current skills maxed out)?

  2. as far as we know, the skill reset will be free and will contain all the XP accumulated 'till that point