Thursday, February 9, 2012 RU public test patch

Source: (russian portal)
1. This small update is implemented is extremely important mechanism for packaging the game files, which is designed to optimize the loading of game maps and some other aspects of the game - it is a positive impact on the speed game.
2. Drastically change and work with game modifiers (modes) - they will be stored in a separate folder (in this update at: <papka_c_klientom> \ res_mods \ for ease of use, replacement or removal.
Existing modes, at the time of renewal, will be erased from the folder with the game.
With each new client updates will appear the same name folder, so you can manually move the fashion of the already irrelevant to the new folder.
Read the instructions for installing mods in a special section of the forum.

Basically, all mods will be working from ..\res_mods\.. sub-folder

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  1. Oricum le "montam" cu JSGME, deci nu cred ca o sa fie mare diferenta; insa pentru cei care faceau lucrul asta manual intr-adevar e o mana de ajutor intinsa de catre rusi.