Saturday, January 5, 2013

WG EU freezes contests

Problably you are aware of this morning accusations made by Frank Davis, also knows as SilentStalker on WoT EU forums. Accusations that implicated a few employees of WarGaming Europe, Paris office, in rigging of contests and other practices. The back-up of the original article can be found here. The origial blog post has been taken down a 2nd time after he (SilentStalker) received a phone call from WG's VP Mr. Faruk.

Interesting...I just had a phonecall from the vice president of Wargaming Europe (I think it was), Mr. Faruk (if I understood it correctly) - no idea where he got my phone number (so much for spreading personal info, but whatever). He assured me this matter is being investigated.
I decided to remove all personal info from the "corruption post". I'll take it down for a while and redact it.

After all the blunder and the flame that started on the forums, WG EU decided to temporarily freeze contents , regional and community ones.

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