Wednesday, January 9, 2013

StarWars: The Old Republic - does is worth it?

It has been quite a while since I wanted to make this blog post. I had to wait the right patch from BioWare to smooth the things out and make the game desirable.

Electronic Arts and BioWare advertise the game as a Free to Play title, but is it really? Absolutely not! SWToR is more like a free to try title, the limitations for f2p account holders are horrendous, they can get you to the point of not wanting to play the game.
Let me explain, here is a list made by BioWare with the differences in account types. Although everyone gets access to the story content, not everyone gets the same treatment.
For example: f2p are unable to use the sprint skill until lvl15, you have no access to the bank (cargo hold), your wallet is capped at 200K credits, only 2 character slots, only 2 quickslots bars for your skills, serious limitations to chat.

Bottom line - I do not recommend you the play SWToR as a Free 2 Play, it is highly desirable to spend the least amount of cash and get preferred status.

What is preferred status account? Once you decide to spend even the smallest amount of $ on the game, 4.99$ or 4€ here in EU, your account gets a few important unlocks that makes the game playable. You get 4 quickslot bars for your skills, and trust me, you can fill them by the time you reach lvl50, compared to being limited to only 2 as f2p ... that's like night and day. Also, since the latest patch, released yesterday, you will be able to use 6 (!!) character slots. These are the two most important key features that makes the game enjoyable.
Once you spend those 5$ you will get 450 cartel coins for the cartel market. I highly recommend you to purchase the Unlock: Inventory Module account wide for the amount of 390 cartel coins - this expands your inventory for every character you already created or will create.

Compared to the subscribers, the preferred status account holders still have limitations that will make you scratch your head and ask yourself what the fuck are they thinking. Still, spending 5$ instead of 50$ or 60$ for a full priced AAA title is a lot more appealing.

By any means, the limitation of preferred status accounts are not OK, but it does make the game playable and enjoyable.
Subscribers get access to a few goodies, including the artifact gear and PvP gear.

This is a fair warning, stay away from PvP servers! subscribers will rape you because of their unlimited access to gear and equipment.
Stick with the story, find an RP or PvE server.

BioWare and Electronic Arts have a twisted perspective on what a Free 2 Play title is.
They are also asking 20$ for the Rise of the Hutt Cartel DLC that is due to arrive this month - they can keep it! For 20$ and the fact that it does not contain more story line missions, it is too highly priced.

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