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WoT on Linux - how to

1st of all things this tutorial originates on the WoT RU portal and the whole credit for it goes to the user named wilderwind.
2nd, this tutorial is translated with google, so if anything goes wrong you can check the original post here.
3rd, me or WarGaming.NET are not reponsable for any damage or data loss for following the tutorial.

Here it goes:

Running the game World of Tanks under OS Linux: wine build from scratch

It should be noted that the considered method is a so-called Debian-based distributions of the operating system GNU / Linux, in particular, to Kubuntu - one of the easiest to learn and work the system in this family. Its main difference from Ubuntu only use the desktop environment: KDE instead Gnome3 or Unity. However, it does not have a material impact, if you try to follow these instructions in an environment that is Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, etc. The use of a particular shell - a matter of taste and your personal choice and convenience, as you know, - a matter of habit.

Everything described below assumes a basic knowledge of the operating system GNU / Linux: What is your home directory, which needs a terminal (or command line), who are sudo, root, and that they can, and so on. This knowledge will enable you to always have the latest version of the software, the flexibility to follow the changes, to avoid incompatibility between hardware and software, fix bugs yourself by applying patches and much more. In addition, well-assembled wine makes it possible to some extent successfully run other Windows-based applications and games.

Need to run wine - a kind of layer between the application and the Windows-OS system calls GNU / Linux.

Go to http://www.winehq.org/, on the right you will see a block of Latest Releases, two lines in it: Stable and Development. First - it is a stable release of wine, the second - is the latest available at the moment. How to choose - you decide, but it is better to use the Development-version, since it can add new features, improved functionality and old programs can work faster.

Next, you need to download winetricks by Dan Kegel - is a script or a batch script that will significantly simplify the installation of some components of the wine and further configure it.

Go to http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks_ru and follow the instructions to save a script in your home directory. Do not forget to assign the attribute "executable" to do this, open a terminal and issue the command chmod + x winetricks. After that, it can be run either from the command line, or just double click, the script is fairly user-friendly interface.

There is a problem with the raw input API in the wine, which leads to the inability to control the cursor in the game. To resolve this problem you need to apply a patch to wine from Vincas Miliūnas.

Download the patch file

To improve performance a bit (the FPS in the game), you can use another patch, which is located here.

For installation, you must perform the following steps:
  • Unzip the downloaded archive to a folder.
  • Put both files in the patch folder.
  • Run a terminal, go to the directory with the unpacked files. Navigating the directory with the command cd, Tab key does not help build upon the name of the directory completely.
  • Apply two patches (downloaded earlier) command patch-p1 <imya_fayla.patch. The sequence of patches does not matter.
  • Execute the command. / Tools / make_requests (to take account of changes to the patches).
  • Optional: run the commands autoheader and autoconf, but it works without them.
  • IMPORTANT! Wine has a lot of dependencies. To put them all at once automatically, run the command sudo apt-get build-dep wine and agree with what is proposed.
  • Configure the wine command sudo. / Configure. Additional configuration options needed only if there are errors when you start the game.
  • Upon completion you should see something like "configure: Finished. Do 'make' to compile Wine". 
  • Start assembling a team of sudo make-j4,-j4 where is the number of concurrent tasks. If you have a multicore processor, you can change this parameter (increase in the number of units) and achieve a more rapid assembly (tested on Intel Core i7, the OS sees 8 cores (4 physical + technology Hyper-Threading), going for a couple of minutes with-j8) .
  • After assembly, you will see a Wine build complete. Run the command sudo make install.
  • At the end of the previous command to restart the command wine wineboot. The program will ask to install Wine Mono and Wine Gecko - check.

  • And finally, go to the folder with a game, run and play WorldOfTanks.exe.

Some features of the method described above:

  • On wine 1.5.8 (latest version at time of writing) mode of artillery work without remapping keys (by pressing Shift).
  • The configuration file is playing in your home directory in the .wine / drive_c / users / username / Application Data / Wargaming.net / WorldOfTanks / preferences.xml, you can change the screen resolution settings of both the game and editing the file in the section Device preferences. If you set up the game so that there were problems with the launch - just delete this file when you restart the game will recreate it with default settings.
  • Play in full screen mode (fullscreen) on GNU / Linux folds and unfolds correctly. For convenience, you can use a different virtual desktop (not a separate X-server!) And run the game in windowed mode, which allows you to easily switch to other desktops and do not close the game every time. The function of virtual desktops available in most modern distributions.
  • The sound works fine.

WARNING! Supplement only for those who owns a graphics card NVIDIA (or laptop with this graphics card) with the technology of Optimus.

What is this technology? The system has two video cards: Built-in mat.platu (as a rule, Intel HD Graphics 3000, designed to save battery power) and discrete (shared) video card, designed to ensure performance in demanding video applications for processing. Unfortunately, despite the availability of drivers for the Optimus-cards under Linux on the official site, an attempt to install these drivers results in a drop in the X-server and the overall system does not function correctly. In connection with this group of enthusiasts was the start of the project http://bumblebee-project.org/, which is quite successful technology allows the use of Optimus. Instructions for installing Bumblebee, unfortunately, is beyond the scope of this guide, but there is a command for optimal performance World Of Tanks (which is not very different from the traditional start for Ira wine):

optirun-c proxy wine / put_do_papki_s_igroy / World_of_Tanks / WorldOfTanks.exe

Just create a shortcut to start the game with this team, not to run each time the terminal. A little explanation about the parameters: optirun - it is very Bumblebee,-c proxy - a way of "communication" discrete and integrated graphics, in which the greatest FPS values, as processing-intensive videoprotsessov goes to the powerful discrete graphics card and built-in this case is only responsible for the phone.

link to the russian forums - here

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