Thursday, July 12, 2012

0.7.5 preliminary patch notes overview

List of main changes in 0.7.5

  • Added 3 new maps: Seaport, Highway, and Quiet Beach
  • Added new tier X medium tanks: Е-50 Ausf.M, Т-62А, M48A1
  • Added new tier V french light tank: ELC AMX
  • Added new tier X tank destroyers: JagdPz E-100, Object 268, AMX 50 Foch 155, T110E3, T110E4
  • Added new tier VIII german tank destroyer: JagdPanther II 
  • Added new premium British medium tank: Black Prince
  • Reworked mechanics for shell-shocked crew damage with High-Explosive rounds
  • Reworked mechanics when hitting the internal module case; it will still deal damage if the armor was not penetrated
  • Fixed the game crash that could occur when leaving a battle to go to the garage
  • Fixed density of some bushes
  • Many minor changes to the UI
  • Reworked matchmaking for most vehicles
  • Rebalanced tier II & tier III tank destroyers
  • Adjusted credit income and repair costs for some tanks

Tier IX Medium Tanks and Tier X Heavy Tanks:
With the addition of new tier X vehicles the current top tier tanks will be in need of adjustment.

M46 Patton:

  • slightly lowered balance weight
  • lowered suspension armoring
  • corrected the M46T80E1 suspension (first one) on soft soils
  • corrected dispersion upon movement
  • increased turning speed of  the top turret (M46M67)
  • decreased view range of the top turret (M46M67)  to 410 m
  • decreased characteristics of the 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 on both turrets


  • increased durability with first turret
  • slightly lowered balance weight
  • increased turning speed of first suspension
  • increased aiming on move with first suspension
  • corrected aiming speeds for both turrets
  • corrected D-10Т gun RoF
  • Decreased LB-1 gun RoF on stock turret
  • Increased characteristics of all guns, except the highest gun


  • slightly lowered balance weight
  • decreased durability when equipped with the top modules
  • slightly reduced turning speed with the top suspension
  • increased dispersion on move
  • Increased aiming time of highest gun and decreased its’ RoF


  • Increased vehicle durability
  • Decreased dispersion for М62-Т2 gun on turning the turret


  • + 200 HP


  • +100 HP
  • +5% to accuracy
  • +1.1 sec of top gun reloading

French Tree Changes:
With the 7.5 addition of a few new tanks the French Tech Tree is in need of some rearranging.

With the addition of the ELC AMX, the АМХ 12t is going to be moved up to Tier 6. Its place at tier 5 in the Tech tree will be taken over by the  ELC AMX.

Case 1. AMX 12t isn’t in the garage at the time of the update release, but is fully researched:
  • Both tanks, ELC AMX and AMX 12t, will be researched
  • All undistributed experience goes from AMX 12t  will be moved to the ELC AMX
  • Any crew member in the barracks or in a tank, who possesses the tier 5 AMX 12t skills, get the ability to be used in the tier 6 AMX 12t without any changes or losses
  • Tier 5 AMX 12t combat statistics will be moved to the tier 5 AMX 12t  without any losses
  • All AMX 12t modules in the depot that don’t fit other tanks will be automatically sold at the original purchase price
  • All AMX 12t modules fitting other tanks will be saved in the depot, the same goes for shells of the respective guns

Case 2. AMX 12t is in the garage at the time of the update release. All the rules as mentioned in Case 1 apply along with the following:
  • AMX 12t as tier 5 light tank is substituted with AMX 12t as tier 6 light tank
  • Ammunition mounted onto the AMX 12t goes to the depot
  • Consumables and Equipment mounted onto the tier 5 AMX 12t remain on AMX 12t  at tier 6.
  • Players get the light french Tier 5 tank ELC AMX (without equipment, consumables, ammunition) and one slot for this tank for free
  • Players get a new full crew for the ELC AMX with 100% training
  • Camouflage mounted onto the Tier 5 AMX 12t  is moved to tier 6 AMX 12t and to ELC AMX as well
  • The expiration date of the camo on both vehicles stays the same as it was for the AMX 12t at the moment when the substitution takes place.

Other French Tech Tree Changes:
AMX 13 75 is going to be moved up to Tier 7

АМХ 13 90 is going to be moved up to Tier 8

Lorraine 40t is going to be moved up to Tier 9:
  • There will be no additional compensation
  • Modules will be changed to equivalent new ones
  • Maybach HL 230P45 Engine and Gun 90mm DCA 45 mounted onto the tank go to the depot. The tank will have only stock modules and ammunition for the stock gun
  • Shells for Gun 90mm DCA 45 go to the depot

Bat Chatillon 25t is going to be moved up to Tier 10:
  • There will be no additional compensation.
  • Stock modules will be changed to equivalent new ones (both in the Tech tree and mounted onto the tank).  There is nothing being moved to the depot
  • All stock modules in depot that don’t fit other tanks are sold at original purchase price and credits go to player’s account
  • Suspensions in depot are sold at original purchase price and credits go to player’s account
  • Gun  105mm CN 105 57 will be mounted onto the tank only if the Gun 100 mm SA 47 was researched and mounted onto the tank
  • If There was a Gun 90 mm DCA 45 mounted onto the tank the shells for it go to the depot and the gun will be replaced 

Changes in Profitabliity and Repairs Costs of Vehicles after Update v0.7.5:
All values in green represent income increase and reduction in repair costs.
All values in red represent income reductions and increase in repair costs.

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