Saturday, April 14, 2012

New info on 122mm gun change for IS-4 [UPDATE]

As you may know, IS-4 will be moved to tier 10, side by side with IS-7, but it will have a new gun.
The new gun is the 122mm M62-T2. Here are the official gun stats, provided by a WoT dev.

A more direct comparison between S-70 and M62-T2:

On paper, the M62-T2 will be superior to S-70 in almost all aspects: better rate of fire, better average penetration, better accuracy, better aiming time but marginally lower average damage.

UPDATE: Looks like these specs are not actually final. Overlord had this to say:
The specs do look scary indeed and they are not final yet and will undergo some tweaking prior to release.

IS-4 in it's full glory as tier 10 heavy:

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