Friday, December 6, 2013

Path of Exile - wishful thinking

I started playing the game quite a while back, I believe it was still in Open BETA, and I like it. It has his moments, but also makes you wonder why devs didn't implemented certain things.

What things, you may ask. Well .. let's see.

The number one issue, and I most surely am not the only one thinking the same, the lack of an Auction House - you have to rely on 3rd party external sites ( that index POE buy/sell forums to search for an exact item you want.
Yes, the game has a trade chat, but frankly, it's frustrating to use it. Imagine a few dozen players posting buy/sell requests at the same time .. it's a mess.

The number two issue that bothers me is the lack of a search filter while browsing your stash tabs.
Look at it:
it can hold 144 skill gems, and you have to manually inspect each and everyone to look for a particular gem(s) you might need. There's also no immediate indication that a particular gem has + quality. Duplicates? good luck! unless they have easy to recognize shapes, you have to inspect them.
A search filter would make storing your items and searching for them a piece of cake.

Another thing that slightly bothers me, is the search for a public party. Yes you can name search, but that's about it. Unless you join a party there's no way to see how the party leader has set the looting rule.

Zoom is rather limited, I play on a 1280x1024 display and believe me, the FOV is quite narrow. It happens quite allot that mobs can attack you from outside the screen area.

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