Thursday, August 8, 2013

WG EU community coordinator tries to explain the forced return of stalinist inscriptions

Before I post the message I got from Christian (iScending), the WG english community coordinator, I's streess enough the fact that I do not accept his explanation or whatever the hell this is.

Hey zmeul,

Since the Historical Content in World of Tanks thread has grown quite immensely and I've noticed that you are one of the more frequent posters I wanted to send you a message and tell you thank you for your feedback.
We have been monitoring this thread since day 1, and the first thing I do when coming to the office in the morning is to go through all the new posts and compile a list of what's come up during the night.
The general consensus from what I've gathered is that the sticking point of this whole issue is the wording of the news statement made on the Russian portal a day before we had it ready on the EU server. We fully understand that this has caused a lot of emotion among our players and we want to stress that we take this seriously.
However, I also want to take a moment to try and clarify our purpose of bringing the insignia's and inscriptions back to the game.
We are trying to reflect all the aspects of the military vehicles used in the mid 20th century. Our specialists are trying to make the vehicles as accurate as possible by analyzing real tanks and taking measurements, pictures and everything else needed in order to reflect the best the specification of those historical vehicles. A big part of this is giving players the possibility to use inscriptions and symbols used on tanks in WW2, hence we began implementing them in patch 8.0. Our intent has never been to offend anyone, nor to promote an ideology, a person or anything of the sorts, all we want to do is give players the option to personalize their tank to some extent.
Wargaming does not take a political stance with the return of the inscriptions and symbols, nor condone atrocities taken by either side during WW2, and if we find players promoting any such things in chat, forum posts, via nicknames etc then we will take serious actions in accordance with the rules we have in place.
We also understand that some players are asking us to implement slogan X Y and Z, and to this all we can say is please be patient. The future should bring more slogans and inscriptions from various nations, but it's something that takes time to implement. It's also very important to realize that we will never implement symbols connected with Nazism, fascism and racism as these fall under the legal regulations in many countries around the world.
Again, thank you for your dedication to our game and for taking time out of your daily schedule to post your opinions and feedback on our forum, we greatly appreciate it. If you have any further questions about the Historical Content in World of Tanks thread please send me a PM, I'd love to have a personal discussion with you and try and easy any concerns you have about the current situation.
Christian (iScending)

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